Best Music Player For iPhone 2016

Let’s forget for a minute about the existence of iTunes entirely. Let’s return to a simpler time where Windows Media Player was all we had to listen to music, watch videos we loved and to access Live Radio streaming (which was only suitable for some regions in the US, I believe). I am talking about a long long time ago, and perhaps a lot of you Millennials won’t even know what Windows Media Player is, or how much our life depended on it. But for me and, I speak for a majority in my age group, WMP was all we needed to sustain. Alas! That was a while back.

Ever since the dawn of Apple upon us, we have been interlaced with iTunes and the complex problem it poses for our “drag & drop” older generation of people. There was a time when phones used to be simple, and when they started to carry 512 MB memory space we would fill it up with our favorite music, remember that? We would simply look for “free music online” (that I think was the most popular search phrase) and look for the songs we wanted to download, drag it over from the destination to our phone’s music folder. This entire operation took less than 3 minutes, I mean it!

But as they say, “All Good Times Come To An End!”, it’s true!

Now we must go to iTunes to do anything. From buying music to videos to books to movies… and the struggle continues.

Don’t get me wrong guys, I do support legal content, and I do believe that the artists MUST BE rewarded for their hard work. But, this topic isn’t about piracy or a legal way to purchase music. I am talking about how iTunes has made our life difficult (okay, maybe only a tad bit difficult) by not allowing us to drag and drop the music into our dearly loved, over-priced Apple Devices!

Most of you who has at least once struggled with the concept of moving your music library to iTunes would know what I’m talking about. This struggle feels a lot worse than anybody has ever faced (Again, just being funny!).

You must first open iTunes, which is only availabe either on Mac OS or Windows OS, and then make sure that all the media in your music library is “Sync-worthy” (Alright, I made that up!) to the mighty iTunes! At first, iTunes supported only a few media files. Even to this day it does not support WMA files. Whether you use Mac or Windows you will need Codecs to be able to play them using iTunes, or even worse, Quick Time!

This entire process was so exhaustive for us 90’s kids that we needed a way out and that’s when VLC came into our lives and made things so much easier for all of us that we just cannot get enough of it even to this day!

Sincerely speaking, VLC is my number one “Go To” Media player even today! I watch all of my movies on it.

Moving over to Music players, Apple iPhone/iPad/iPod users are particularly dissatisfied with Apple Music App. It does what any other music player in the world does, starting with listing out your tracks that you transferred from iTunes (by syncing your device with iTunes with a USB cable) in the order of ‘Artists & Albums’ and if you click on the top right side you will see ‘Edit’ option where you can add more options to your list, such as Genre, Video, Downloaded items, etc. You pick a track you like and then you listen to music. It has the typical Play/Pause button, rewind/fast forward button, and if you click on the cover photo it might even show you details about the track that is at play or show you upcoming tracks from your play list. But we often look for more than just a basic design from a music player. We look for more enigma, more accessibility, which is where Apple’s in-built Music App fails big time!

This is where the need for better class of music players for iPhone kicks in. We On My Iphone Presents you that.

Best iPhone Music Players 2016

#1. Musicxmatch

This one is my favorite music player App yet! What I love about it, is that it shows the lyrics of all the tracks on your device and even lets  you search for tracks that aren’t! What’s more cute is that if you don’t remember the phrase of the song or the artists involved, you can simply type the lyrics and it will magically bring you the song you’re looking for!


Also, it has an identical Shazam-esque feel where it enables you to “Identify Lyrics” by tapping on the logo appearing in the middle. And you can also connect it to Apple Music & Spotify (another favorite of mine!). Where else would you find such an amazing wonder?

#2. Flac Player+

At first look, Flac Player+ seems like a low-end, low-graphic ultra-basic music player and unfortunately, it has an add banner appearing at the top of the screen. But, don’t get disappointed just yet! Keep reading…

There is an easy way to remove Ads and that’s by paying US$0.99 and that’s a one-time payment. If an Ad appearing at the top does not bother you then you’re a better and much more simpler person than I am, and you can enjoy the most coolest feature of this God-send App, that is it’s ability to borrow music from iCloud Drive & presenting you an option to get files from your computer using Wi-Fi transfer.

I took the pleasure to transfer music files over Wi-Fi and in under 1 second it was there in the App! That was the most wonderful thing I had ever seen. The files don’t actually occupy any space on your phone but stay in the App. And whenever you like you simply play them with 1-click touch! There’s beauty written all over it. Never judge a book by it’s cover, guys! Take it from the creators of Flac Player+.

#3. Splyce

If you’re in for a little DJ experiences then Splyce is the App for you. It comes with a basic design that lets you add songs and also displays a number of options at the bottom such as Playlists, Songs, Pulselocker (which is another app integration) and Discover which shows all the top music content from iTunes Store. But the real fun of this App is in Settings.


You get to choose options such as Transitions and Visual Beat. I guess we could use a little fun once in a while. There are 3 different options for upgrade, and the 4th which is a combination of the 3 before, a Fancier look,  Premium and Pro account. It is a good reliable App and definitely worth checking out.

#4. Listen

It has a fancier look to it and I like it for the classier use of colors. Makes me feel like I’m at a club.

It integrates music on your device and also gives you an option to make purchases from iTunes store with a single click. And it has Radio feature which is available for a 7-day free trial and US$2.99 per month thereafter.

It has different radio stations and also suggests the one closer to you. This is something I love very much because I am a huge fan of the radio. That is a must try if you like a reliable, classy, eye catching App that is not at all complex to get.

Try out these alternatives to Apple Music and see if you feel differently. Although you have probably spent some good money on buying quality Headphones for those beats you love so much, a good music player can also help enhance your experience. Try it, share it with your peers, and feel the rhythm!